Your Last Goodbye, Part I

Fall into my arms

You fool, my heart is yours to take.

My lips are yours; my soul adores

'O my projected self, of late.


So, fall into my arms, you pirate.

You reeling, stealing bee.

Steal my lips

Make them wet

As in your depths

So, I shall forget

The spell you left on me.


Delighting my every fright.


A phantasm;

A wicked magic show

From which my dreams

And all that seems

A wayward

False esteem.


So, wet your lips and kiss me

Tease me on this night.

Taste me.

Devour me.

It is our sacred rite.


And use your hips to melt my wax

Round my gentle moon

Burn my skin

To break thou vow

And ‘ere we do begin.


Make me disappear and reappear

Until the dawn does break.

And fall into my arms, you swank

That thou love mayest take.


Kill me.

Use me.

Savor you, I fear

Excite me.


For If thy soul, thee come too near

And that thy tomorrow

Tis clear! Tis clear!

This day was never here.

And yesterday there were no crimes

Now my heart doth fear.


So, take me in your arms

You angel of death.

As if life were god's mistake

Linger on me, you jealous fool

I know you know the stakes


And at this moment

You will be mine

A rapture to forsake

And nay a curse

And nay the fear

And nay a heart you take


So, take me in your loving arms, you saint

Before a coward's heart you break

Free those sins

Begin again

A demon's only freight.


For I am released, but for now

To stay, to regret the salted earth

The rubbled forest, the boiling sea

The lies you told to me.


So, take me in your arms, you waft.

You lithe and luring, rake

As our demons know

Hate aglow

We're here for redemption's sake.


And things best seen in darkness

Are waiting for your spine

To break the day!

The stars at night!

Are mine! Are Mine!

All of these poems and more can be found HERE in the anthology “A Cartographer”.