Drink whiskey your woman

Drink whiskey your woman

Laugh with her and cry.
Let your voice soften
And your eyes water
And toast her, chin-chin.
Drink whiskey with your woman.
And smoke a fine cigar.
Set her on your lap
And tell her she is a pretty girl.
Wish for her
A teary blessing
That can come only from you...
And smoky
Misting in a fog.
Tell her a secret

The one you told yourself you'd never say aloud
For fear it would never come true.
Tell her this thing

While you drink with her sitting there on your lap.
Tell her in a husky
Manly voice.
The one that comes out when your lip is not so stiff
And your heart is not hiding in a briar of thorns, lost in winter's grip.
Drink whiskey with your woman and let it burn you.
Then sooth you.
Let there be a hush.

Let it leave.
Then kiss your woman.
Taste the pleasure on her lips.
Part them with your tongue

And drink as much of the whisky from her mouth as you can capture.
When you can no longer taste the whiskey

Then it is time to pour another.

All of these poems and more can be found HERE in the anthology “A Cartographer”.