Today in Time

Your pictures are lovely

Of course.

And I am a fool

To browse them

For they are a reminder of time and space

A tempting target

To enter imagined

Threads that could have been

Should have been, might have been:

Wishes and wants, connecting us.

They are threads at best.

Nothing more.

And still I have the power to tell you, hello.

An atom is made mostly of nothing at all.

And therefore, so am I.

And still, I say hello.

To you.

A fantasy.

But time will destroy all things in space.

And my dreams, of you, too.

But then there is relief.

These thoughts

Will go.

I will not miss them

For I do not wish to suffer.

But for you.

For a time.



All of these poems and more can be found HERE in the anthology “A Cartographer”.
Artist, C. Rahn.