Your Last Goodbye, Part II

So, kiss me, now.

The places on my body

I have shown to you

And you shall be kissed there, too.

Then, I will have my turn to love

As any fool would do.


To revel in this maple sap

Bearing scars, you drew.

Dripping with the musk that lives on skin

And craves the taste of you.


And I shall leave it there

Until I am crazed to remember you

And stung by the loss of hurtful creeds

Sung and sad anew.


For the sweetest things do turn sour:

The action of your deeds.

Deeds, perpetually caravanned

A vein I now do bleed.


It’s here: the place where the devil draws his line.

It's the reason he’s bound by hell and hate.

A dark and sexy corner

No others will resuscitate.


So, take me to your galaxy,

You starry-eyed ghostly ache.

Do it for thy own true love and languish for my sake.


These days are gone

The sins of men

A siren do you make

A cockled heart, aglow to know

The fool I now do make.


Where stars are fate; where grief is gone

And shadowed in their wake

The chords of words, the strum of guts

A tuneless song I make.

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