How to Drink Champagne.


(Using that trick a cheerleader taught you in high school)

Remove the bra and expose the appropriate area of skin.

Do not touch the area.

Gaze at it.

Warm it with your breath.

Burn it with your eyes.

Settle her.

Caresses her

But not the area you have so thoroughly prepared.

Position yourself.

Position her body.

Burn her skin with your eyes

Again, and again.

Then, when you are ready

Pour a taste of champagne onto her belly.

Watch the bubbles rise and explode on her skin.

Watch as they dissolve and extinguish themselves

And run madly through her curves

Valleys and finally, gather into a place for you to drink.

Sip it.

Suck it.

Tease it.

Rollick it on your tongue.

Distinguish the salt, oil and musk of your lover from that of your champagne.  


After you quench your thirst

Turn her over, to have another drink. 

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